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Yellow Music United AB (YMU) is a swedish independent music corporation located in Uppsala. YMU provides services such as promotion and education to support artists in the music industry.


YMU works as a community with the purpose to unite people with music, inspire people to take the next steps, and above all, take the first steps towards a professional career in the music business. 

YMU provides services such as, 

  • Promotion
    - Graphic Profiling
    - Releasestrategy


  • Education
    - Coaching in singing & stage
    - Basic course in musicproduction


If you have any questions or want more information, please contact YMU by phone or email.


Phone: +46 (0) 730 80 52 69

Salabacksgatan 58

754 32 Uppsala



Yellow Music United AB

Salabacksgatan 58

754 32

Uppsala, Sverige


My name is Biim Frischenfeldt and I am the founder of Yellow Music United AB.


I'm an artist and songwriter and I've been operative in the industry for the past ten years. Both as a compere, organizer of live music as well as a promoter, booking agent, executive producer and co-owner of a swedish independent recordlabel.


I want to offer services that provides a good start, knowledge and motivation to continue always with positivity in the center. The reason why I started YMU in the first place was to create a navigator and a compass through the music industry, with the help of my experience.


I love to work with people and be creative with new projects and see the artist grow. I'm always eager to find new methods and strategies within promotion and public relationships. 

YMU welcomes everyone, feel free to contact YMU if you have any further questions.


With love,


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